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Get the bigger picture with BNY Mellon’s market commentary

February 2024

Astute insight and unique perspectives for an ever-changing world

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iFlow delivers insights based upon anonymized and aggregated flows, designed to provide market color to investment practitioners across global financial markets. Our market-leading strategists present you with the latest intelligence drawn from iFlow, and their own, independent analyses. Insights can be accessed via the platform, or conveniently delivered into your inbox each day.

In iFlow Morning Briefing, our team of market strategists delve into developments over the past 24 hours. It’s supported by unique insights drawn from our asset flows, and looks ahead to the events set to drive market behavior for the trading day to come.

John Arabadjis’ iFlow Monitor gives you an instant visual glimpse of the flow activity recorded over the past week, month and quarter, delivered to your inbox daily.

iFlow Weekly examines flows for 31 economies tracked across FX, Equities, and Fixed Income, with insights from our Market Strategy team.

iFlow Monthly is a culmination of all our flow data, combined with analyses from our strategists, highlighting the most interesting longer-term investment trends they have been seeing over the past 30 days.

In iFlow Short Thoughts, our short-duration fixed income and securities finance specialists provide you with weekly analyses on developments at the short end of the curve across asset classes, supported by intelligence from iFlow.

Whether you’re focused on developed economies or emerging markets, iFlow Insights enable you to go deeper and see further, keeping you better informed and ahead of the competition.

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Bob Savage

COMMENTATOR, iFlow Monitor

Bob Savage, Head of Markets Strategy and Insights

Bob Savage runs Markets Strategy and Insights for BNY Mellon.  He joined the firm in April 2019 adding to his 30+ years of experience in the industry. He is a market thought leader writing about markets daily throughout his career and actively speaking at conferences and events. Bob has a broad set of experience from the variety of roles he’s held across in the industry, from the hedge fund space (FX Concepts and IKOS), to the sell-side (with more than 20 years at Goldman Sachs both as a FX trader and as an MD running institutional FX sales), as a consultant (McKinsey) and most recently at a quant-based FX advisory (CC Track Solutions). 

John Arabadjis

COMMENTATOR, iFlow Monitor

John Arabadjis, Head of Macro Strategy Product & Analytics, BNY Mellon Markets

John is responsible for developing macroeconomic metrics and analytics, both for BNY Mellon and our clients, by applying the tools of data science to vast amounts of proprietary, market and macroeconomic data. Informed by his background in astrophysics, John’s areas of specialization include behavioral finance, alternative data, multi-asset risk management, sustainable investing, private equity and quantitative investment management.

John Velis

COMMENTATOR, Morning Briefing and Chart of the Day

John Velis, Americas Macro Strategist, BNY Mellon Markets

In his capacity as FX and macro strategist for the Americas, John leads our North American cross-asset class commentary, with a particular focus on analyzing Federal Reserve monetary policy, inflation and employment data. A highly sought-after commentator on financial television networks around the globe, John has also been instrumental in the development of our suite of iFlow filters.

Geoffrey Yu

COMMENTATOR, Morning Briefing and Chart of the Day

Geoffrey Yu, EMEA Macro Strategist, BNY Mellon Markets

Geoff Yu is an FX and macro strategist for EMEA, BNY Mellon Markets. A proven analyst and commentator on foreign exchange markets and asset allocation, Geoff is also a specialist on economic and political developments in China. He formerly served as the UK CIO for UBS Wealth Management and as a senior FX strategist for UBS Investment Bank. Raised in the UK and China, Geoffrey holds a double BA from Carleton College in the USA and an MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics.

Wee Khoon Chong


Wee Khoon Chong,  APAC Macro Strategist, BNY MELLON

Hugely experienced in Asian financial markets on both the buy-side and the sell-side, Wee Khoon brings a fully-rounded perspective to his strategy and commentary work. His career has been split between portfolio manager, trader and strategist roles, and as a fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay speaker, he brings a dash of local knowledge to his analysis of APAC markets across asset classes.